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Eugene Phantasm Official Design by lorreinegeralde
Eugene Phantasm Official Design

Well, this character is supposed to be my Kagerou Project OC but since creating UTAU genderbend seems to be a fun thing to do, I have decided to create him as Kaiserine Sympherianne's male genderbend. Even he sounds too deep to me, wondering if he sounds too average, childish or...demonic.

P. S. I use "Phantasm" as his last name for some reasons. I will try to post his full reference sheet but not now. I always love to draw him in Marry Kozakura's pose (but in man-like manner) as well, but I always fail at doing it, so no. :XD:


Full name:
Eugene Phantasm (ユージン · ファンタズム - Yuujin Fantazumu)

Name interpretation:
Type: UTAUloid

Model: None

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Height: 163 cm

Date of birth: April 12

Release date: TBA

Voice range: Under C4 at lower octave (may go higher than the range but the result may be different)

Genre: Varied

Character item: Samsung ATIV Tab 3 device

Likes: Drawing, ghostly/mysterious places, walking in forest, books (fantasy, adventure, mystery and horror-themed without any sexual theme)

Dislikes: Perverts, impolite and murderous people, dust, politics

Nationality: Possibly British (but lives in Malaysia)

Related characters:
  • Kaiserine Sympherianne (female counterpart, ghostly rival)
  • MEIKO (idol)
  • KAITO (idol)
Signature song: Dead Foresta ~睡蓮の湖に沈む~

Quote: "Seriously, even a machine like me can be "deceived" by that...daze thing?"

Personality: He has no defined sets of personality except he is known to be fully straight, quiet and clumsy.

History: He was once interpreted as Kaiserine Sympherianne's male version, thus g+17Y0H0B0F0 (as stated in a readme.txt document found in Kaiserine's "REVIVAL SE" voicebank) is chosen as his voice rendering flag setting, which is codenamed as "Kaiserine Sympherianne - VEIEI".

The idea of creating him as a genderbend comes shortly after the UTAU chorus version of Children Record is uploaded on the Internet, which means that he is no longer Kaiserine's male version, but he is now her male genderbend/counterpart.

Even his old voice rendering flag setting (g+17Y0H0B0F0) is replaced with g+10B0Y0C100 (use with bkh01 plugin ONLY). However, Kaiserine's "REVIVAL SE" voicebank is still needed to obtain his voice on the UTAU software.

Character interpretation: He is interpreted as a multi-purpose, human-like machine that is programmed with the ability to speak either in British or American English, which explained why he has full English name. However, he loses this ability when an unknown virus has attacked his virtual language system, causing permanent damage to it as the virus has changed his default language (British/American English) to any language, mostly to Japanese language. Worse at all, the damage cannot be recovered by anyone, even by intelligent inventors.

  • His favourite colour is green.
  • His favourite character is Marry Kozakura and Kousuke Seto from Kagerou Project/Mekakucity Actors.
  • He wears eye glasses because he thinks they are very cool to him.
  • Initially, his hair colour is supposed to be similar to Marry Kozakura but due to several reasons, his hair colour has been changed to light brown.
  • His ectoplasmic-green hair clips (can be seen on the right edge of the coat) are just decorations for his plain-looking, black coat. 
  • Two small rectangles found on the end of his digitized shawl, together with some writings (L1, L2) are somewhat "Your-Name-In-Other-Languages" virtual machine, but in simple style.  
  • His name is written in two other languages, which are hanamogera (made-up) language and ghost language/ghost speak (basically one of Danny Phantom headcanons). His name in hanamogera language is Fjuenn Fianneus, while his name in ghost language/ghost speak is Cokclc Nfxlrxie (but written in Tenctonese script for its sound wave-like style).
  • His favourite songs are Souzou/Kuusou Forest and Summertime Record.
  • He always terminates his sentences with the phrase "...daze thing".
  • Despite losing his ability to speak English, he still tries to read and write everything in English, no matter how weird he is at it.
  • When creating his full name, there are several last names selected by the creator, which are Rinbayashi, Souzou, Kuusou, Hazakura, Phantasm, Daisaku, Shinzui and Hikage. However, the last name "Phantasm" is chosen not only to synchronize the pronunciation of his full name (Eugene Phantasm), but his full name, which means "well-born illusion" or "noble of illusion/illusionary noble", shows that he is just an artificial creation due to his status as a human-like machine (or in this case, as an UTAUloid).

Tech Brushes © redheadstock
Art © lorreinegeralde
All rights reserved.
UTAU: Kaiserine Sympherianne Concept Art + VB DL by lorreinegeralde
UTAU: Kaiserine Sympherianne Concept Art + VB DL
There are several things related to Kaiserine Sympherianne (Kaizern/Fantômepoid), which are explained as the following:

:bulletblack: Her full concept art with vivid details (refer above) is drawn as an answer to some problems occured in her official design, mostly because of lack of details on it.

:bulletblack: Her mini bluetooth headset, which is actually her high-tech hearing aid, is chosen as a replacement of headphones because of personal reasons.

:bulletblack: Her original name was Kaiserine Shirokurone but then changed to "Kaiserine Sympherianne" because it did not match with her actual voice condition.

:bulletblack: While her first name is created as a reflection of Kaiserchrome's name (just like the Vocaloids KAITO and MEIKO), it also can be the alternative spelling to kaiserin, which means empress in German. However, this is purely coincidental since the name was created without any reference.

:bulletblack: According to an Indonesian UTAU user and creator of Kai Shindoune, Kaizern's whole outfit (refer above) appears to be different from other UTAUloids who mostly have Vocaloid-esque design....despite being creepy and weird.

:bulletblack: Her original colour scheme appeared to be fully monochromatic until ectoplasmic green is added into the scheme, in order to balance her voice condition and range with her outfit. This explains the reason why her snow-white hair faded to ectoplasmic green (just like Aoki Lapis' hair colour fade but with different colours).

:bulletblack: Her skin and eye colours can be tricky and misleading. Some people draw Kaizern with fair skin by mistake although her skin appears to be faintly pale because of this. Even some artists have drawn her with green eyes instead of black eyes (her default eye colour).

:bulletblack: Her voice is often described as "ectoplasmic". Even her voice source is NOT from any professional singer but only from an average person with minimal breathing problem.

:bulletblack: A new voicebank might be created but it depends on the availability of recording tools, since I need to purchase a high-quality microphone and pop filter for this in the future. Will be recorded in CV, SCV (string CV) or VCV with CV aliases.

:bulletblack: Despite being created for a voicebank operated in UTAU software, some people say that she reminds them of Danny Phantom because of Kaizern's colour scheme. Even some people compare her with characters from other series.

:bulletblack: The artwork is made using Keichan411's base for almost three weeks due to circumstances in life and limited colouring skills. The opacity of the original background used in the artwork above, has been reduced for about 65% to make it matches with the outfit colours.

:bulletblack: Two softwares are used for this drawing process: Paint Tool SAI and Paint.NET.

:bulletblack: Latest voicebank download:
Kaiserine Sympherianne  ≫REVIVAL SE≪ (released on December 17th, 2013)

Base © Keichan411
Original background © redwolf518stock
Kaiserine Sympherianne © Lorreine Geralde
All rights reserved.


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Lorreine Geralde
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I'm mostly an UTAU user and Kaiserine Sympherianne's "mastermind".




They all are unique in their own ways...



Mew Stamp by VocaloidStamps
V3 Kaito stamp by Kurai-Kogami24

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